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it's coming!
the end of my final semester (of final year) is coming.
in 2 weeks time, i'll officially end my undergraduate study.
its a big thing. one of the BIGGEST THING ever in my life.

currently, i am feeling very 'calm' and also lots of feelings i don't even know what adjectives to be used to perfectly describe how i feel! stress is there as always so it is certain. it's just. this time around i'm feeling more than that. its the end of yet another beginning. kind of like an officiation of adulthood? :D

Graduation means us entering a new stage of life. and officially will be living on your own! truly earning everything on your own! what i meant to say actually is that i'm very excited to what graduation entails! Awee, i can't wait to work and to continue postgraduate studies in maybe 2-3 years time.

and just. seeing how much these 4 years i have grown ups. and what i have done throughout these long years. all the experiences, all the people i have met, all the things i did. all the success and less success xD all the hardworks, stress and emotional roller coaster x))

to my besties all around the place from when i was a cutie little girl until i've grown to a young lady, i love u guys for constantly and patiently listening to my unending complains. for tolerating my craziness. for just being there for me. i simply love u guys. and my parents U guys are my true love. thanks for all the support and love and for learning texting just to make sure u can cope to my chattering AND to talk to me or sms me just so i won't lose my mind :D

i don't even know what the point of this entry anyway. haha. i just want to type anything, something, anywhere and this seems to be a good place xDD

God Save Lahad Datu.

And praying hard for the safety of the people and those
working hard to protect us.


is having my Final Exam till end of June!
This mark the end of my 3rd year studying here.
Oh well, i still have another one year to go before graduation. and yada yada...
i'm scared because of my lack of focus during exam period. i simply can't study during the exam week!~~
but i tried my best!~ LOL Whatever. I am very Inhumane in this kind of thing.
makes me wonder for the Infinite time why on earth did I chose this course anyway?~~
/other than parents wish for me/

One more year. and another life awaits! Hwaiting! ;))


May 4th

i kinda have a lil fight with my housemate today.
i am a very HYGIENIC and CLEAN person, sooo i kinda nag a LOT about all the cleanliness and stuff.

i've been hinting about her not caring of cleanliness and related stuff. and she's like very pissing me off with her attitude actually since 2 years ago till now. cause she's the one who cause all that. like when she cook, she won't wash the dishes and cooking pan right away. she will leave it for like 2-3 days or even a week or more. and she won't clean up the oily surface soo the kitchen cabinet is a mess. and urghhh whenever it was her turn to clean the toilet she won't do. she will say something like she has just cleaned the living room or she'll postpone and at the end she won't do it. because she never do that type of work at home.

HALOO come on girl. i was more of a princess than U. i never did things on my own but because we live together throughout this 'college years', i expect U to be more cooperative and well, a bit hardworking on this. i can tolerate some of your attitude. not like i'm very phobic of a little dust. but urghhh! i'm very tired today so i nagged and quarrel a bit. so yeah hope she get the message and get her ass to the kitchen and clean the mess right away. Pffft!

May 1st

Is busy with research project.
And the most hated part of the process is Literature Review. Ah, i hate writing it.
Especially because we need to translate from English to Malay. GAWD.

i'm spending most of my time since last week doing this. 
and i was sick for 7 days since last Tuesday. is OK now.
but i still couldn't write it up to 30 pages as required.

and i'm very HUNGRY now!~~


It feels real good to know that there is always ONE person for U to go to whenever U needed help. No matter how big or small the help needed and given, it always give this wonderful feeling to both the giver and acceptor! ♥

> Hopefully!

I really want to go Indonesia to join my University Research Team!

Urgh we will be having a 4 months break starting May, and I so wanna join and go Indonesia instead of working or spending time at home for that 4 long months. I wonder why they made and give us such a long holiday!! L Not that I don’t like it. But it’s too long! I will die of boring-ness…i'd rather bitching and complaining on very tight and hectic life than do NOTHING at all. My brain will DIE and RUST and world will lose one of the loveliest "genius"! :D


So, I already sent a proposal and application. Only those met the criteria will be considered for application. Then, we have to go interview and present our proposal in front of the judges. I don’t know who will judge us but I am sure my faculty Dean will be there. Currently is preparing and just waiting for the interview which will be held on next week Thursday. But I still have to wait for at least 2 weeks before they release the result!


I honestly want to go there! Other than joining the research team, it’s like a student exchange programme. Must be NICE and Interesting!! :D I want to go.





Just A Story of My Bros!

I have two younger brothers.

It is a fact that both of them ARE DBSK Fanboys! --> Let's Welcome them to the CLUB! :D

Their biased is the KIMS!! -->  Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong! 
One of my brother mentioned that Yunho has such a HOT Body! ;)
And the other one said that he loves guys with big eyes.
Guys like Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun Joong!!

And they also ALWAYS TALK ABOUT Each one of them! Er, of DBSK members. Let's not forget their talk about Max and Yoochun! Ahh, they always use cute and sexayyy for Max and Micky! *cute rite?* :D And Oh yeah, they are alsoooo in love with BigBang TOP and Kim Hyun Joong! :D

OMG! Is this a fate? Both of them.. turning… à GAY??? 
OMG Babeeeesyz! OMGSZ! *dies* BUT THAT IS CUTE RITEEE?? :D

Not only that, their Ipod, Iphones, PSP, Laptops are filled with DBSK videos and lots and lots of pics of DBSK especially of Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong!!  *face palm* And their room, OMG! Full of Kim Hyunjoong’s “The Face Shop” endorsement posters and also JYJ’s poster!! Gah!!~ And I just noticed some of my printed Sexayy DBSK MIROTIC poster is --- missing… And my search mission lead me to my brother’s room, where it was nicely and elegantly posted as the first EVER thing U will look at whenever U enter their room.


*I will try to get and post my bro’s room pics when it has been cleannn up, cos… U know how guy is! ;)
just fyi, my bros are 18 & 19 years old! :)

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Hello! :) 

Erm im searching for a fiction. If I'm not mistaken, the title is remember me. Its YAOI : Yunjae and also Jaechun. Sorry, but I really don't remember the author.
The summary of the story is like this.

Jaejoong is a music teacher in a primary school, he goes by the name Youngwoong Jaejoong. He is a healthy, energetic, sweet, lovely, funny guy. He has a brother, Junsu and his lover, Yoochun.
But both Yoochun and Junsu left to go study at The United States. But their relationship is still as good as ever. Junsu-Yoochun-Jaejoong. *No YooSu as far as I remember*
Jung Yunho is a medical doctor, a real workaholic... He is Yoochun's older brother. And Changmin is their younger brother.

So one day, Yunjae met. And Jae tripped or something, so he was sent to the hospital. They took his blood sample… and actually he looks fine, healthy nothing is wrong. When lab result came out, Jae was found to be diagnosed with a rare disease. The same deadly viral-caused disease that cause death of a girl like one, two years before that. But then, the hospital did some more tests on Jae to reconfirmed. And the diagnosis was confirmed.

So then yunho informed Jae about this. And all the drama. Jae finally agreed to be confined in hospital! *but he trick Yunho* and he plan to run away to some place in Korea that he dream of visiting. But Yunho found out at the last minute and chase after Jae and accidentally both spent 3 days vacation at that place together. Jae’s condition worsened and Yunho take care of him. Jae’s case is handled by a medical team supervised by Dr. Jung”

So that is what I remember bou this story. But honestly I forgot where I read this story. Anyone knows? Cos I seriously want to read it again!! Cos last time it is still not complete. And I forgot who the author is. Help me, people?

Arigatou!  Thanks! =)

ps : erm im suppose to be studying. I have exams on Wednesday about antivirus and chemotherapy and currently studying on a disease caused by a virus. a deadly virus. and it reminded me of that fic. Really hope to read the rest of the story again! :D 


This is random! :)


Lately, i faced some difficulties, a bit of rebellions to parents and a bit of arguments with my friends. Plus, things had not been so fine with my family! So, i couldn’t thing clearly. Brain is clouded with emotions and it affected my rational thinking.


I like isolating myself from my old environment, stay away from home for a while, didn’t go back home for 1 month (stay at safe place of cors) and i spend more time reading and chatting! I met few friends, most are Cassies! I admit, there are few whom i feel so glad to talk to them! :D We don’t know each other and seriously we are from very different places, very far from each other. But when talking to them, i felt like we belong together! Haha. Sounds so cheesy right? But that’s what I felt when talking to them. I feel better, more at ease! Ooh the starting issue we talk about is of cors DBSK!! Everything about them! After a week chatting, we get soo close that we even tell each other our personal things! Our personal problems and advising each other! OOoo....


Last time i never believe or trust the Internet applications and I thought all this chatting stuff is a waste and non-beneficial! But now, i realised when we use it correctly we sure can get advantages from it! Ooh, i dunno to where my writing will lead me to. But I hope whoever reading this will understand me! Hehe.


Ooo yeah! One more thing! Since I’ve activate myself at the chat room, I also has indirectly and unconsciously involve myself in the fanfic world! :D Not as the writer/author of any story! No I didn’t write! This is not an excuse or whatsoeva but I really feel like I can’t do the ‘creative’ stuff especially creative writing! :D Hehe. My brain has poor access to my Imaginary Centre so I think that is why it’s hard for me to think more and more about writing a story! And honestly, as much as I excel at school, I never succeed in excelling my language subjects! Haha. So, i read and read fanfic! Honestly i am Yunho and YUNJAE’s Lover!! I love everything about them as in real and I love DBSK so much! So most fanfic I read was DBSK-oriented!! It’s not like I hated other groups but truthfully, i only knows deeply about DBSK! Of cors, I know Suju and Shinee and BigBang but I don’t remember all of their names! I just know them like tat! Not as much, nor half of knowing DBSK! Hehe.  


Back to the topic, for fanfic, i prefer more a YAOI fanfiction!! Seriosly! I love YAOI more more more more more more moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee than the NORMAL fic! Hehe. I read both but i found that actually YAOI fic are more creative, interesting, fresh, funny, loveable, attractive and amusing! :D Hehe. Please I am not referring to the Smut stuff ok? Just regards me as an innocent, pure girl ok!? ;) Hehe. But thats the TRUTH! I really think that way! ;) And i really love some of the fics which i think it has a commercial value and can be printed out as Novel! And also one of the reason is (my own reason k?) is that I can’t, I simply can ACCEPT/Imagine/Think of my DBSK-oppas with other girlssss!! HUAHUAHUAHUAUAHUHAUA!! Haha.. And I simply Love YunJae, Yoosu! *Wink, wink* haha. Don’t bash me for this! This is my personal opinion! Haha.


Ooo, okie, actually i meant to write different things but it comes out like this! Haha. Just ignore my blabla-ing ok? And my exams gonna be over soon! And will be in 1 month break! Huzzzahhhhh!! Means more time for anime, fanfic, chat and most importantly, travelling! ;)


Have a nice day! Take care! =)